louise mendoza


freelance creative

yes, more than an art director but not quite a copywriter.

media agnostic.

no. really.

loves the  answer not to just be a :30 spot or 3 print ads

(even though that's what most of my portfolio consists of).


so here's what I bring to the table:

strategy planning

& implementing,

brand development,

creative direction,

advertising creative  for all media, unique content development, art direction, consumer experience & environmental design, concepts for retail experiences


ready to talk?


There's just one thing left to ask. Are you ready to push forward and blast past your competition? To have brand awareness that people not only know, but love? If so,
let's get moving.






Louise Mendoza-Salas






Washington DC






808.561.9753 ::  louise@lmsalas.com




or find me here.

louise salas

dba lmsalas creative, llc




freelance creative with over 16 years in the branding and advertising world. specializes in making companies into brands with smart advertising based on even smarter strategy

that speaks loudly and makes a strong impact. based in the DC area with in-depth knowledge and work experience in the Hawaiian islands, as well. yes, that's aloha.  ©2012